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Adverx AVX ICO: Real Time Bidder Advertising Platform?

Adverx is a supposedly legitimate cryptocurrency platform that is in the first round of its ICO or initial coin offering. As to whether it’s legitimate or not has still yet to be seen. The cryptocurrency is like many of the others out there as of now. There are a ton of companies going through ICO every day. Some of them are scams and some are not, Adverx seems to be like many other companies that promises fast money through it’s lending program and affiliate program. It’s hard to pick the right company to invest with because there are so many on the market. But there are some signs as to whether or not a company is good, we can take a look at Adverx for now and see how this one plays out.

The advertising based platform is looking to make some big waves when it comes to cryptocurrency and advertising. There is also a whitepaper report we will talk about here, as well as the investing and lending programs. There is also a tier based referral system that is available, something that is often looked at as a red flag in the cryptocurrency world. Some people are looking at Adverx with great anticipation, but there are some different red flags they are throwing that makes me think twice when it comes to investing with Adverx.

What Is Adverx?

The company is a new cryptocurrency that is currently going through it’s beginning rounds of its initial coin offering or ICO. They aim of the company with the token sign AVX, is to make it one of the leading platforms in the cryptocurrency world. Adverx is a platform that is primarily being developed for advertisers and publishers who want to take advantage of their real-time betting or RTB platform in regard to ad impressions.

People can bid on impressions and be rewarded for winning a bet or bid. The advertisements will then be placed on their website. And this is basically where Adverx is said to shine, but it’s too early as of now to determine how this is going to work. And they claim, even for those people who are not into advertising, the opportunity to make money with the company from a cryptocurrency stand point should interest you. They use the already popular token standard of ERC20.

Adverx AVX ICO Details

Like any other company that is started out in the industry, they are usually trying to use an ICO to raise capital. They are exchanging their tokens for different investments people are making into the company. So, if you are looking to invest with a new company, they could be a company you may want to take a look at. Unfortunately, by my review – the company looks to be a scam, there is no indication of who is behind the company or where they are located. And the lending platform aspect as well as affiliate that they are pushing is often a sign of a Ponzi scheme.

While it’s true, the cost of the company’s token will never be so low, there is also no proof that anything they are claiming they will do will actually happen. The first round of the ICO already took place, January 10th showed the tokens being sold for just $0.90 a piece, and they sold out. There are more rounds that also have taken place as well. And apparently, they all did very well also. Now, the ICO is over basically, the next stage is to see if the company delivers as promised on how the platform will operate.

How Adverx Real Time Bidder Advertising Platform Works

The investing aspect is only one part of Adverx, there is a lot more ways a person is said to be able to make money from the company. First of which is a lending platform, and the RTB follows that. They claim the lending and affiliate aspects of the company will make you a lot of money, but these are also commonly signs of a scam company. They claim that the lending platform is the best way to make money through the company, and have put most of their focus on it.

People are said to be able to make money from the lending platform by locking tokens in the lending platform, people then buy the tokens, then they work like a loan. But whey anyone would want to take a loan out on these tokens has yet to be seen. After “taking a loan” you then get your capital back with any interest that has accumulated. The lending rates are ridiculously high, and they claim money is super easy to make. There are three separate plans you can engage in:

Basic – The basic level of the plans takes an investment of two hundred and fifty dollars of the AVX token with a max of five thousand $USD into the token. They claim you’ll get a return of 1% each day and be fully paid back in ninety days. This is a sure-fire sign of a scam, oftentimes you simply don’t get your money back at the end of ninety days.

Enhanced – Similar to the above plan accept the investment range is between $5,000 and $10,000. They’ll give you 1.1% every day with a 0.10% bonus at the end within 75 days. Again, the numbers are very unrealistic.

Premium – Lastly, there is the top-level plan that has a minimum investment of ten thousand USD and a maximum that has no limit. They will give you 1.2% daily interest and a 0.15% bonus at the end of the sixty-day period.

All of these numbers are very unrealistic, and more importantly the company works with zero transparency. At no time have they indicated who is behind the company or where they’re located. That means they can easily take your money and run, something that happens all to often with these unfortunate lending platforms that also push a shady affiliate offer.

What Is The Adverx Affiliate Bonus?

Besides the lending platform, there is also the affiliate system. Something that they claim can make a person unreal amounts of profit in the cryptocurrency space. You get money for referring people to the company and make a commission. You can get paid money for every person you bring into the system and there are four levels of the system that a person can invest in. The investment tiers look like this:

  • Level 1 – 5% bonus
  • Level 2 – 2% bonus
  • Level 3 – 1% bonus
  • Level 4 – 0.5% bonus

    It’s a bad sign when a company pushes the lending platform and the affiliate system more then they push the actual company. They also don’t provide any proof as to what solutions the company will offer for people who invest into it and actually plan on using it. A lot of empty claims and false promises is always a red flag, especially with most of these newly emerging cryptocurrency platforms.

What Is The Adverx Internal Exchange?

You’ll also be able to make money by selling the AVX tokens within the platform itself. There is an internal exchange platform that you can use for buying and selling the tokens. It’s make it easier to buy and sell the tokens, but as of now there is no indication as to what other exchanges you can trade the token on which is where you’ll likely make the most amount of money.

Adverx Roadmap Details

They have clear promises as to how the launch of the company will unfold. There is a roadmap that has been released in accordance to their time line of goals. It’s important to keep an eye on these roadmaps because they can be a clear indication as to how everything operates within the company. If we look at this one quickly, we can see that the AVX token and Adverx company has some major goals. But unfortunately, it doesn’t say much about how the actual company will function or when people will be able to use it for aspects other than the affiliate system and lending. Another red flag that makes me question the validity of the company and their goals.

  • Dec 2017 – ADVERX is launched
  • Jan 2018 – Dashboard is launched, ICO begins
  • Feb 2018 – After the ICO rounds are complete, the lending platform is to be launched
  • March 2018 – The internal exchange will be launched
  • April 2018 – RTB partnerships will be acquired
  • May 2018 – Full scale RTB platform will be launched with AVX as its currency
  • June 2018 – Will be listed into multiple external exchanges
  • Aug 2018 – Creation of a payment gateway to use AVX as a form of payment

Adverx Conclusion

Some reviews claim that if you want to make some good money in the world of cryptocurrency, then Adverx is ideal for you. But unfortunately, there is no information on who the company actually is or where they’re from. They make look like a good investment, but as far as I can tell – Adverx looks to be another fast money lending platform that a lot of people will lose money on. As a general rule, never give money to anonymous parties online.

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