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Appian – APP ICO Ethereum Decentralized App Creator Store?

Every week new start-ups appear in the world of cryptocurrency, so it can be pretty hard to keep track of all of them. As it is our duty to inform our readers of the best cryptocurrency offers and opportunities, today we’ll review Appian. Have you ever heard of this company? They describe themselves are a Dapp Store for Ethereum whose objective is to achieve mass adoption of blockchain technologies and Etherium all over the world.

What Is Appian?

The Appian was created by developers with a passion for the idea of a world free of centralized online services and they believe the proof-of-stake method used by companies like Ethereum is the way to progress on this.

They plan to remove the barriers for a decentralized application. So, the Appian is an Ethereum based platform in which the users can create their own Dapp on the existing Ethereum network. This way, users can get access to all kinds of Ethereum applications through only one app, the Ethereum Dapp Store.

Their objective is to create an app that is easy to use, decentralized and uncensored. This way, they want to increasingly improve how people use this kind of technology and, with this, cause a real change in the world.

How Appian WorkS

With the Dapp Store, you can access all Ethereum features in one app, the Decentralized Application Creator. Its features are the Appian Builder, the Appian Escrow, Appian Helper and the Dapp Store.

The Builder simplifies the programming language beginner developers need to create apps because of its premade functions and the intuitiveness of the UI. The Appian Escrow facilitates transactions because it provides a decentralized escrow service for buyers and seller using the technology of smart contracts.

With the Appian Helper, the users can exchange feedback about apps. Depending on the quality of the feedback, the user can even be rewarded with APP. Finally, the Dapp Store will function as a place where the Dapps built inside the program can be used to purchase and find products.

How To Invest In Appian?

The best way to invest in Appian is by buying APP tokens using ETH. There’s a sale going on right now at the time of this report. If you buy APP Tokens during the first two weeks, you’ll get bonus tokens. For the first week, investors will receive a bonus of 44% and 20% in the second week. See the prices:

  • First Week: 350 APP tokens for 1 ETH;
  • Second Week: 300 APP tokens for 1 ETH;
  • Normal price: 250 APP tokens for 1 ETH.

If you want to invest, now it’s the time. The company states that, once they sell 4.5M tokens, they will keep the rest and not sell anymore.

Appian Verdict

Should you invest in Appian? If you are interested in using their services to develop your own Dapps, go for it. The company is ideal for users that invest in the market of Ethereum than the ones that invest in Bitcoin or similar stake-of-work cryptocurrencies.

It looks like a company in which you should invest with some level of risk, but the positive points are also enough to decide for an investment, so it’s up to how much you liked their service.

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