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Cryptopay Review – Bitcoin Wallet, Payment Platform And Debit Card App?

Cryptopay, found online at, is a bitcoin wallet and contactless debit card available on your phone. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Cryptopay?

Cryptopay is a mobile app that aims to make it easier to manage your bitcoin. You can install the Cryptopay app and pay with BTC anywhere. It functions as a digital wallet and a contactless debit card.

The app is exclusively available for iOS.

Overall, the platform promises transparent, cheap pricing and easy payment services. It’s also one of the world’s largest and best-known bitcoin payment services, with 97,000 debit cards issued to date, 500,000 active users, and over 215,000 transactions processed each month. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the features.

Cryptopay Features

Use Bitcoin Anywhere:

Cryptopay’s bitcoin debit card links bitcoin with the traditional world of finance. You can use your bitcoin anywhere a credit or debit card is accepted. That means you can spend your BTC balance in stores or online shops hassle-free. The contactless credit card works with any point of sale (POS) terminal where contactless credit cards are accepted.

Buy Bitcoins With Debit Or Credit Cards:

With Cryptopay, you no longer have to waste time with SEPA transfers. You can buy BTC using only your debit or credit card. You can verify an account, link the plastic card through your account settings, and buy bitcoin with the tap of a button. With the Cryptopay app, you can buy or sell bitcoin with a bank card on-the-go. Obviously, there are other payment platforms where you can use your debit or credit cards to buy bitcoin, but Cryptopay aims to make it easier than ever before.

Exchange Currencies And Save Money:

Cryptopay has a flex account where you can securely hold your bitcoin. You can also convert bitcoin into fiat currencies through the app, which helps to secure your money against bitcoin price fluctuations.

International Transfers:

Cryptopay lets you send your bitcoin to anyone, or spend your bitcoin at businesses around the world.

Transparent Fees:

Cryptopay charges 0.0005 BTC for every transaction as a miner’s fee. The company also charges a 1% fee when you’re converting to or from BTC. There are no additional fees or charges.

A Strong Customer Base:

Cryptopay is one of the world’s largest and best-known bitcoin payment organizations. The company has issued 100,000 debit cards and has about 500,000 active users who make 215,000+ transactions per month. Cryptopay also has a strong customer support team, and a team of engineers who are constantly improving the platform.

The Cryptopay Bitcoin Wallet

Cryptopay’s bitcoin wallet gives you an easy way to buy, store, and send bitcoins worldwide. Users enjoy convenient deposit methods in major fiat currencies. Or, if you currently hold bitcoin, you can hedge against volatility by converting bitcoin into fiat currencies within the app using Cryptopay Flex Accounts.

The wallets offer free deposits and withdrawals. You can send the wallet money from any of 26 countries within the SEPA zone. You don’t have to wait days to receive your funds – you can see your money in your account by the next business day.

Cryptopay also emphasizes cheap commissions and fees. They charge a 1% fee to convert to or from BTC. This is the only fee charged by the platform (aside from the 0.0005 BTC miner’s fee for every transaction).

Plus, you can use the Cryptopay bitcoin debit card to withdraw funds in your local currency instantly at any ATM. You don’t need to wait for funds to arrive in your bank account. You can use that debit card to make online or offline purchases.

Cryptopay is a multi-signature wallet built using BitGo’s wallet platform. It’s also fully compliant with the Data Protection Act of 1998, and offers two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security.

To get started using the Cryptopay bitcoin wallet, create an account at, get verified (upload pictures of your ID), add funds, then get bitcoin.

The Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit Card

The Cryptopay bitcoin debit card also promises to offer low rates and convenient access to your bitcoin. It’s a standard debit card with chip and PIN support. You can buy a virtual or plastic debit card. Free worldwide delivery is available, and your card is accepted wherever major cards are accepted.

You can use your debit card with no ID verification required (unlike the Cryptopay wallet). The only restriction is that non-verified users are stuck with lower debit cards limits. However, you’re free to increase the security at any time.

Cryptopay’s debit cards are pricd at 15 EUR, 15 GBP, or $15 USD.

Other notable fees include 1.75 to 2.25 (EUR, GBP, or USD) for domestic ATM transactions, 2.25 to 3.50 for international ATM transactions, 3% foreign transaction fees, 1 EUR/USD/GBP monthly service fees, and a 1% loading fee.

International Money Transfers

Cryptopay lets you use their platform to send money internationally and enjoy cheaper rates. Your money is send via blockchain technology (i.e. the bitcoin network). Whoever receives your money can order a Cryptopay debit card to withdraw that money from any ATM instantly.

Cryptopay Payment Platform For Merchants

Cryptopay has a payment platform for merchants, allowing merchants to accept bitcoin instead of fiat currencies. Cryptopay has an API for merchants, including a developer SDK for NodeJS, Ruby, and PHP, SSL-secured endpoints, and 99.9% platform uptime.

Who’s Behind Cryptopay?

Cryptopay was founded in October 2013. The company is led by George Basiladze and Dmitry Gunyashov.

Cryptopay is registered in England and Wales under the corporation number 08730592. They’re headquartered in London.

Cryptopay Conclusion

Cryptopay is one of the bitcoin community’s best-known wallets, payment platforms, and debit cards. Founded in 2013, Cryptopay has 4+ years of experience providing cards to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

You can learn more about Cryptopay online today at

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