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Cryptum – CRTM ICO Cryptumcoin CRYC Mineable Cryptocurrency?

Cryptum is an upcoming cryptocurrency that claims to be “the ultimate mineable cryptocurrency”. Find out what that means today in our review.

What Is Cryptum?

Cryptum is a cryptocurrency startup releasing digital tokens that can be used to pay for access to games. The tokens also represent a shared profit pool, and other benefits.

CryptumCoin is a separate project that’s related to Cryptum. It’s described as a “secondary project” that’s “funded by 5% of the Cryptum ICO”. It involves the development of a new mineable cryptocurrency for use in loyalty and payment systems of a future games store and other products launched under the Cryptum brand.

As the CryptumCoin whitepaper explains, the currency “would make a great currency for payments for advertisements on a website”.

Ultimately, Cryptum is a board game distributor that’s already announced 4 games and 5 expansions for those games. CryptumCoin is a secondary project under the Cryptum umbrella, founded by 5% of the proceeds from the Cryptum ICO. There are two separate currencies, including Cryptum (CRTM) and CryptumCoin (CRYC).

What Is CryptumCoin?

CryptumCoin, found online at, is a cryptocurrency preparing to launch its ICO on November 17. Funds raised from the ICO will be used to design and publish board games.

The company describes its digital currency as “a low-risk, long-term investment” where users can get free access to board games depending on the number of tokens they own.

There are two elements to the Cryptum ecosystem: CryptumCoin is just one part of the ecosystem. The company is distributing up to 2.6 million CryptumCoins to Cryptum Token owners. Cryptum Tokens are separate tokens being launched by the same development team, in partnership with a crypto mining blog.

How Does CryptumCoin Work?

CryptumCoin, or CRYC, is a cryptocurrency built on a blockchain that’s purportedly “secure, fast, decentralized, highly prospective, ASIC-resistant and power efficient” – even though it’s a PoW blockchain.

One of the unique things about CryptumCoin is that it uses an “age-based block reward system”. This system will guarantee long-term investment protection by protecting the stable, growing value of the currency over time.

The currency uses the Equihash algorithm. The block reward varies, with an average reward of 146.91 per block. There’s a maximum supply of 98.57 million CryptumCoins, with a block time to be announced in the future.

CryptumCoin Features And Benefits

CryptumCoin’s whitepaper advertises all of the following features and benefits, with the overall goal being to create a currency “that can be equally attractive to miners and ICO investors”. Here are some of the features and benefits:

  • To create “a highly popular currency” that reaches the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap
  • “Protecting the ICO investments”, including giving ICO investors a strong ROI on their initial investment
  • Listed on the top exchanges, and the development team wants to list their cryptocurrency on leading exchanges
  • Friendly to miners, with early access to exchanges and pools, and a power-efficient algorithm
  • Uses a popular algorithm, allowing for easier integration into pools
  • Less friendly towards mining farms (Equiash is favorable to Nviida GPUs, and there are far fewer mining farms that use Nvidia GPUs)

Who’s Behind CryptumCoin?

CryptumCoin is being developed in partnership with a leading mining blog called Crypto Mining Blog.

The CryptumCoin whitepaper mentions Nikolai Tsekov as a Core Proejct Manager, while Anton Belev is listed as a Core Lead Developer. Other key members of the team include Kiril Venev (Core CTO), and Grigor Stoichkov (Core Technical Advisor & Procurement).

What Are Cryptum Tokens?

There are two tokens under the Cryptum ecosystem, including Cryptum Tokens (CRTM) and CryptumCoins (CRYC).

CRTM tokens are the key tokens in the ecosystem. They were sold in a token sale that began on September 16 and concluded on November 17, 2017.

CRTM tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Funds raised during the CRTM ICO are being put towards the development of board games. The Cryptum whitepaper goes into further detail about the fundraising process here.

In any case, the manufacturer already has 4 games in development and 5 additional expansions planned.

The flagship game being developed by Cryptum is called Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game. It’s a tabletop board game designed to teach people about cryptocurrencies and how blockchain-0based tokens work.

Cryptum Conclusion

Cryptum is an existing company that recently completed its ICO for Cryptum Tokens (CRTM). Now, the company is planning to launch additional tokens called CryptumCoins, or CRYC. These coins will be used to participate in a future game store (you can use them to purchase games). They can also be used as a loyalty program. Overall, CRYC is designed as a miner-friendly currency, and the developer created the tokens in partnership with a crypto mining blog.

To learn more about Cryptum and their upcoming projects like CRYC or Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game, visit online today at They also maintain the official CryptumCoin website at

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