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Digital Bitbox – Safe & Secure Minimal Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?

A plug and play hardware wallet doubles up as a second factor authenticator. The device combines the highest standards in cold storage with the convenience of a software wallet.

Digital Bitbox Functions

The device currently supports Ethereum based crypto coins and BTC. However, there are plans to add more alt coins in future. One of its unique features is that it functions as a U2F compatible authenticator, which can be used to secure your online accounts. It will be possible to add support for existing BitBoxes with a simple firmware upgrade.

The Private Key Is Kept Away From The Computer And Internet

During the initial set up or backup, the private key is kept safe from the internet and the computer. It features onboard microcontrollers, which generate a wallet via the use of high-end random number generator for purposes of creating entropy. With the onboard SD card, you can create an offline backup and recovery with ease.

What If The Wallet Is Stolen?

Without the password, your crypto coins would still be safe. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, they would also need to have the second device such as your phone. If they make 15 random and failed attempts, the BitBox will erase everything to prevent a brute force attack; you can recover your crypto coins from the SD backup.

Does It Have Protection From Keyloggers And Malware?

The wallet is designed to be safe from most malware such as file stealing and keylogging malware. Even if someone were to steal the password of the wallet, the keys to it would be deep inside the wallet and to access them requires physically pressing a button. Besides, they would also need two-factor authentication using the mobile app.

How Is It Protected From Forcefully Giving Up Your Key?

If someone or an institution were to try to use force to coerce you into giving up the password, you may use plausible deniability. For instance, if you are coerced into entering the password using a backup, you can enter a secondary password that opens a hidden wallet, which is empty.

Can The Device Be Physically Broken Into And Data Extracted

All secrets on this wallet are stored on a separate high-end security chip designed exactly for this scenario. It comes with security features such as tamper detectors for frequency, temperature, voltage, and light. It is also fitted with an active metal shield to cover the circuitry and internal memory encryption including many other features.

Is Digital Bitbox Full Proof?

With enough effort, equipment, and determination, any device can be cracked open. However, you will have had more than enough time by then to move your coins to another secure location.

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