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Multicoin Capital – Venture Capital Cryptocurrency Fund Liquidity?

Successfully investing in the cryptocurrency market and generating a profit can be a difficult process with a sharp learning curve. There are now more than 1,300 different crypto assets that can be traded on the crypto market, and each of them is regarded as highly volatile.

There are many different factors that contribute to price swings in the crypto market. Ultimately, the price of any given asset- cryptocurrencies included- is determined by supply and demand, but the factors that determine the demand for any crypto can be extremely diverse.

Some cryptos are valuable for their inherent ability to be used as a store of value, such as Bitcoin, while others such as Ethereum are valuable due to the wide range of smart contract and decentralized application functionality they offer. Still more cryptos, such as Monero and Zcash, are valuable due to the high level of privacy they offer.

Determining which cryptos to invest in and when to buy or sell can involve a significant amount of research that can appear daunting to newer investors. Many investors that are interested in investing in the crypto market seek out other options that allow them to generate profit without a significant time investment.

There are a number of platforms that attempt to capitalize on these investors, such as high yield investment programs, or HYIPs. While HYIPs may offer high returns in a short amount of time they are inherently risky as the industry is managed by very little regulation, which allows many fraudulent HYIPs to operate that are functionally identical to Ponzi schemes.

Recently, a number of professional, legitimate crypto index funds and managed investment funds have launched on the crypto market. These platforms are typically operated by experienced, respected traders, and offer reasonable returns on investment. While these offerings aren’t as highly profitable as HYIPs, they are much more stable and less prone to fraud.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Multicoin Capital, a relatively new addition to the roster of managed cryptocurrency investment funds. We’ll take a look at the Multicoin Capital team and find out who they are as well as examining the Multicoin Capital investment strategy to help you determine whether it’s worth considering as an investment.

What Is Multicoin Capital?

Multicoin Capital is the brainchild of Kyle Samani and Tushar Jain, two highly experienced traders and financial experts that have set out to create a crypto based capital management platform. Samani is a serial entrepreneur based out of Austin TX that boasts extensive experience as the founder of Pristine, a tech platform that has worked closely with the Google Glass project.

Jain is the founder of ePatientFinder, a healthcare IT company that specializes in identifying patients that are eligible for clinical trials and matching them with running trials. Both Samani and Jain have been investing in the cryptocurrency market since 2013.

Multicoin Capital takes into account a wide range of variables in order to create a highly balanced investment strategy. The Multicoin Capital team takes into account variables such as aggregate network value, liquidity, node numbers, network capacity, geographic data, coin inflation structure, and the numbers and types of chain transactions when assessing a crypto asset or cryptocurrency.

While Multicoin Capital states that a number of the metrics they use to identify profitable cryptos are proprietary and thus private, they note a number of criteria on the Multicoin Capital website:

  • Does the use case of a potential investment benefit from the decentralized nature of blockchain technology?
  • Is the cryptoasset used by a platform critical to core protocol function?
  • Governance operation
  • Lead developer identity and experience
  • User switching costs
  • Network effect strengths
  • Predicted cryptoasset value increase

In addition to offering crypto based capital management, Multicoin Capital also provides potential investors with a comprehensive knowledge base that assists in furthering the reader’s understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Multicoin Capital Verdict

The Multicoin Capital platform is a great example of a highly reputable crypto based capital management platform. Even if you’re not interested in engaging the services of Multicoin Capital, their site and knowledge base is definitely worth reading.

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