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Remitano Review – P2P Buy & Sell Bitcoin Exchange In United States?

Remitano, found online at, is a bitcoin payment platform available as a mobile app or web app. Read our review to find out how the platform works.

What Is Remitano?

Remitano is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange service. You can use Remitano to buy and sell bitcoin. The payment platform is available online at, or through mobile apps available for iOS and Android.

Today, Remitano is available in 30+ countries worldwide, including major players like the United States, the UK, and Australia, and under-served nations like Ghana.

A news report about Remitano in June 2017 described how the platform had recently expanded into Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania, bringing the total number of supported countries to 10. This was the first time the company had expanded beyond Asia. By the end of the summer, as mentioned above, Remitano had expanded to 30+ countries.

Remitano launched as a Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-based startup in 2014. The startup then incorporated in the Seychelles. Today, in addition to the countries listed above, Remitano is available in China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Ghana.

Like other bitcoin-based remittance services, Remitano has a simple but important goal: to reduce the enormous fees charged by today’s remittance services. A report shows that the African economy lost over $60 billion USD to remittance fees in 2016 alone. Remitano – and its competitors – see an opportunity to use the bitcoin network to provide cheap international money transfers.

This past summer, Remitano added Ethereum to its platform. As of September 2017, the platform supports 30+ countries.

How Does Remitano Work?

Remitano has a mobile or web app that makes it easy to buy and sell bitcoin quickly. You can visit the site or install the app, select your country, then immediately begin viewing sellers in your area. By default, Remitano shows online sellers only – including any exchanges that serve your country, and the price those exchanges charge for BTC and ETH right now.

You can also check a box to display “offline sellers”, in which case you’ll see a marketplace similar to what you’d see with LocalBitcoins. You see local people who are willing to buy and sell bitcoin.

  • Simple and secured signup and login process
  • Two factor authentication using Authy
  • Push notifications to avoid missing trades
  • Messenger system to chat with traders
  • Smart escrow system so your coins are safe and secure during any exchange

Overall, Remitano aims to differentiate itself from other payment platforms with its cheap fees and easy-to-use interface. The app was designed with beginner users in mind. At the same time, Remitano also offers escrow services – so your coins are held with a safe third party while your transaction takes place.

How To Use Remitano

Remitano is straightforward to use.

  • You open the app and browse through a list of bitcoin buy or sell offers in your country, in your local currency (or any other fiat currency)
  • When you open a trade, the specified amount of bitcoin you wish to buy are transferred from the seller’s wallet into Remitano’s escrow service
  • Now, you can send payment to the seller, and then Remitano will send bitcoin to your address
  • The bitcoins are locked until the seller confirmed the payment. In the case of any problems – say, if the payment transfer is disputed – then the Remitano support team will resolve the issue based on evidence from both sides.

Remitano Fees

If you are the person that created the advertisement, then the transaction is free. If you are not the person that created the advertisement, then you’ll be charged a 1% fee.

These are the only fees listed on the Remitano official website. It incentivizes users to create advertisements on the platform and wait for an offer to come in. Meanwhile, those who need bitcoin immediately can choose an existing offer and pay the 1% fee.

About Remitano

Remitano was founded in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The company is incorporated in the Seychelles. Today, it’s a product of Babylon Solutions Limited.

You can get in touch with the company by email at Remitano was founded in 2014. Today, the company supports 30+ countries worldwide.

Remitano Conclusion

Remitano is a bitcoin remittance service that emphasizes low fees and a user-friendly interface. Available for iOS and Android, Remitano now supports 30+ countries worldwide. It’s an easy-to-use payment platform that’s designed to help beginners enjoy the advantages of cryptocurrencies while transferring money worldwide. Remitano also recently added Ethereum buy/sell services to its offerings.

You can learn more about Remitano by visiting the payment platform online at

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