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Sola Foundation – SOL ICO Decentral Social Media Layer Network?

With the rise of blockchain technologies, there have been many new novel services that have been launched in recent months which make use of the crypto network. Social networking in particular has the chance to be redefined as we know it. This is because unlike traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram which are operated and run by certain organizations, social platforms on the crypto network are decentralized, and thus are immune to issues of bias, censorship (thereby giving power into the hand of users).

What Is Sola?

Sola has been described as a “decentralized social network” that already has 650,000+ users. It is being touted as the future of social media, and has the potential to attract bigger audiences due to the ever expanding nature of the crypto network . Not only that, Sola also allows users to make money via the sharing of their posts and uploaded content. The platform is empowered by distributed nodes, IPFS and Ethereum. Other key aspects of this service include:

Uses Unique Algorithms:

Unlike regular media platforms that use the same old means of spreading information and news, Sola uses a ‘viral means’ of transferring information from one user to the next. Through the application of certain AI algorithms combined with users reactions, Sola is able to deliver its users with quality content. To broadcast our posts, all we have to do is upload relevant news, captivating stories, and the system will make sure that the data is uniformly broadcasted across the network.

Serves As A Revenue Stream:

One of the major differences between Sola and other social networks is the fact that, it allows for a generation of revenue via advertising, user payments and partnerships. Through the delivery of strong incentives, users are encouraged to produce quality content. From a business standpoint, we can see that Sola is powered by SOL, a token that allows for monetary transactions to take place. Through the use of this token, we can earn rewards and even sell our services in an efficient and transparent manner.


As mentioned previously, the platform is decentralized, and thus any individual on the network can host a ‘Sola node’ on their computer. As a result of this, the person receives a reward, depending upon the number of posts that have been delivered to the end target audience.

No Censorship:

In recent years services like Youtube, Facebook have started to restrict more and more of the content that can be shared online. However, since Sola is based on a ‘decentralized architecture’ system, it is immune to any data blocking and censorship. Lastly, it is also cheap to maintain and cannot be shutdown by any external authorities (especially governmental agencies) even if they wish to do so.

Easy To Use:

The Sola app will be released in the near future and will serve as a central hub of the Sola ecosystem. It has been designed to attract a mass audience, and makes use of an appealing full-screen card stack. Once switched on, the app allows us to begin obtaining cards. Users will have the option to either endorse or skip a card (the ones that are endorsed are shown to more users, thereby increasing specialised content visibility).

Sola Token Sale

The sale of SOL tokens will start on the 27th of November, and go on till the 22nd of December. There will be a total supply of 150,000,000 tokens, out of which 50,000,000 SOL will be put up for sale. Additionally, there will also be a hard cap of 5,000,000 USD and a soft cap of 750,000 USD. In terms of pricing, a single token is available for a sum of 0.1 USD. It is ERC20 based, and can be bought via the use of various currencies including BTC, ETH, BTS, LTC, DASH, bitUSD, bitEUR, bitCNY. Lastly, company representatives have stated that there will be no more tokens issued once the total supply is finished. All unsold tokens will be burned.

How Will The Collected Funds Be Used?

According to the information available on the official Sola website, the breakdown goes as follows:

  • 70% of all funds will be used for further platform development and tweaking.
  • 5% of the income will go towards paying the fees of various experts and advisers who were consulted during the initial phase of this project.
  • An additional 5% of the funds will be used to cover for any Legal, Operational costs.
  • Lastly, 20% of the funds will go towards marketing and product promotion (so as to increase outreach and visibility).

How Do I Sign Up For Sola?

All interested customers can go to the official Sola web page and follow the instructions outlined there. There are also details of company members that we can check out and even use to get in touch with. This can allow us to get rid of any doubts or queries we might have.

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