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Viola Ai- AI Driven Relationship Dating Marketplace VIOLA ICO?

VIOLA AI is the world’s first AI-driven marketplace that focuses on dating, courtship, and marriage. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, VIOLA AI aims to be a powerful and lifelong AI love advisor and AI-driven marketplace that creates and sustains successful and happy relationships for all singles and couples.

The Problem Viola Ai Seeks To Solve

Singles and couples face numerous problems in their quest for love and a sustaining relationship. In many instances, singles risk being victims of scams due to lack of identity verification. Similarly, they experience online dating fatigue and exploitation by some unethical dating services.

In addition, many couples who face difficulty in sustaining their relationships do not know where to find help and which advice to follow. Many of them are reluctant and fearful to share their problems due to stigma and privacy concerns.

Against that backdrop, AI comes to the scene to offer appropriate solutions based on the latest technology. AI explores artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts to develop a powerful relationship advisor and an AI-driven marketplace. This leads to the formation and sustenance of successful and happy relationships for all couples and singles.

Viola Ai Relationship Dating Marketplace Objectives

VIOLA AI seeks to achieve the following core objectives:

  1. To be the world’s most effective AI advisor and assistant for dating and relationships
  2. To be the Go-to place for dating and relationship

To achieve these objectives, VIOLA is equipped with the following features:

  • AI Engine: this provides highly personalized matching and discreet relationship advices, which evolve according to the relationship status of the user. AI achieves this through a personalized machine-learning engine and natural language empathy.
  • Blockchain technology: this protects users through genuine identity verification with visual recognition technology. The technology also facilitates trustless and efficient smart contracts with VIOLA AI wallet and hedged escrow system.
  • Marketplace: this provides on-time recommendations to address the user’s needs for goods and services, and offers strong community support through quality content and advice that addresses the user’s inquiry. Besides, the marketplace allows for customization of VIOLA AI core services on third-party platforms.

The Viola Ai Token

The VIOLA token is designed to have strong utility. In addition to the VIOLA AI app, the token will be integrated with the existing community of four apps, two websites, and three offline services. This will enable the token owners to use it immediately and with a decent scale upon its launch.

Viola Ai Token Core Utilities

The primary utilities of the VIOLA token include the following:

Payment transactions: users can pay for goods and services in the 10 platforms in the VIOLA AI community. The company has plans to expand into other partners’ ecosystems and platforms.

Advertising to a growing user-base: Merchants and experts would buy VIOLA tokens to advertise the growing database, which presents another strong source of utility apart from the transactional utility.

Community token: this enables users to ask community questions and the community will reward users with VIOLA tokens based on quality content, responses, or ideas.

The VIOLA AI presale ends on January 31, 2018. After that, the company will launch a public sale in three phases. You can join the presale and whitelist by entering your e-mail on their webpage here:

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